Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is BikeBees?
    BikeBees is a Huntington Beach, CA company that has a bicycle-based advertising model.
  2. Why use BikeBees instead of stationary billboards or newspaper advertising?
    We advise you use all available media outlets that your marketing budget allows. BikeBees can take your message to the public, instead of the public looking for your message, and do so in an environmentally friendly platform.
  3. How do clients know where and when their messages can BEE SEEN?
    Each one of our mobile units will have cellular phones and GPS tracking capabilities will be added in the future. This will give us the ability to monitor the locations, and remain in constant communication with our cyclists. This type of flexibility to re-direct your message almost instantly was previously nonexistent.
  4. Approximately how many people see the ads every day?
    This mostly depends on the many factors such as time of day, the day of week, and the exposure time of the message. The average is approximately 50,000 every day.
  5. How long is each mobile unit on the road every day?
    The average day for any of our mobile units ranges between 4 to 6 hours each day. However, the day can be longer if necessary. Our cyclists are permitted 1 to 3 breaks every day. During this time mobile units must remain visible to the public.
  6. How is BikeBees good for the economy and environment?
    By rewarding people for an activity that’s healthy for them and the environment, we’re making local advertising and the local economy a little bit healthier as well.
  7. How does this work for advertisers?
    An advertiser will soon be able to set up the entire process online - uploading the ad data, choosing routes and making the initial payments. As the campaign progresses the advertiser can check-in on their campaign and see exactly where their ads have been on display. It'll be very simple to set up and monitor.
  8. What happens to the sign after the campaign is complete?
    You get to keep the signs after your advertising campaign is over.