Pedal profits to your business with BikeBees!

BikeBees offers green advertising for your business. We’re Huntington Beach’s only bicycle based advertising service.

Benefits of advertising with us:

  • Get your business delivered to people who are out and about (already spending money). During your BikeBees campaign, your ad will be seen by thousands of people.
  • Save money on advertising costs. We have standard packages and we can tailor your BikeBees campaign to your budget and ad goals (including days of the week you want your ads run)
  • Receive professional service. Your campaign, at minimum, includes 2 trained cyclists who will pull a specialized advertising trailer around the Huntington Beach area, with your business’ message. More trailers and cyclists can be added to the campaign.
  • “Bee” seen as a forward thinking and earth-saving business. Your ads with us will position you in the minds of your customers as green conscious.